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This was my first time doing breathwork. I went into this session with a positive, open mindset, which allowed me to really embrace the experience. Before we started I was very tense & my thoughts were racing. Upon laying down & having the process explained, I felt myself begin to relax & my heart rate slow down.  I didn't know what to expect to feel physically, so I told myself to be present in whatever was happening & embrace the hell out of it. And holy wow, embracing it felt amazing. 


The space you held for me was so comfy & safe, I really felt like that allowed me to experience this without holding back or being reserved. Your voice was soothing but at the same time epically strong & inspiring. I was so much more connected to the experience because I felt so comfortable with you.  I have never felt comfortable having my eyes closed around people, it's just a trust issue, so having my eyes closed & having someone observe/ guide me was a daunting thought. I am usually very self conscious, but when you began the music & started to guide me I felt my insecurities shed off of me like old feathers. I truly believe this experience wouldn't have been as magical with someone else guiding me.


Physically, my body responded in such a positive way! I had a subtle warm sensation radiating off the lower part of my face, like sunshine casting down on me. I kept my hands placed on my stomach, which helped me connect with my breathing & my when I would release my breath, I could feel my hands physically become lighter. It felt like they were going to raise up off my if to cast out the negative energy inside me. It was such a strong physical sensation and it felt so freeing & relieving. The primordial scream initially made me nervous & I didn't want to do it.  However upon being invited to release, I did it twice because that's what I needed. It felt so good to just let the pain, anger, & self doubt go. I was really able to get into the action of yelling out my fear, pain & sadness. I felt vulnerable but freed.


I experienced a whole range of emotions I didn't expect to feel, just within a few minutes of each other. At first it was all my emotions at once and as we got into the session I was slowly able to gain clarity & organize my emotions/thoughts into the my mental filing cabinets.  I was able to see my emotions and that they are valid, and deserve recognition. I was no longer being bum-rushed by my emotion, but rather able to perceive them & instead chose what I paid attention to. It was so nice to be at mental peace for even a few minutes. However I was surprised,  this experience has stuck with me now for a week & counting. Everyday since I've felt a refreshed sense of self worth & excitement to make the best of each encounter.


Now that I have an idea of what to expect I am so excited for my next session. I have a whole new focus & set of thoughts that I want to absorb into my being and bad energy/vibes that I'm ready to discard! I truly believe in breathwork as a form of extremely valuable therapeutic work.   



“This retreat led by Chelsea has been such a transformative experience. When I was told about this trip, I just knew I was meant to be there and that I would receive the answers to a lot of questions that were holding me back. I did what I needed to do to make sure I made it and boy was I right!


Not only did I fall in love with the view, but I was able to experience the beautiful and radiant light that is Chelsea. Chelsea has such an amazing way of always helping you feel safe, heard, understood but also challenged.. regardless of whether it’s in a group setting or a one on one conversation. She truly embodies all that she is and is truly unapologetic about it in the most amazing way possible.


If you’re reading this, it might just be because you’re curious and desiring to be part of one of her retreats. I say dive deep and if anything resonates, just jump into it. I promise you won’t be the least bit disappointed!”


Calm Woman
Woman in the Nature

I first started utilizing meditation and breathwork with Chelsea, which was honestly something I always struggled with. I’m now able to sit through her entire Breathwork and Meditation class completely attentive to my awareness. This is huge for me.


I’ve also had many many amazing breakthroughs in my meditations with the guidance Chelsea provides. The breathwork was difficult for me to get comfortable with due to my body getting tingly and reacting deeply to the healing but now that I’m able to move through it in a loving capacity, I’ve realized how deeply useful the breathwork portion is. I’ve been able to release such powerful shadows in short periods of time.

I started going to her Full Moon gatherings and Cacao Ceremonies and have felt extremely supported through all transitions. The Women’s circles are deeply loving and profound, giving me a community to feel supported by.

Everything Chelsea does, she leads with her heart and comes from a space of Love. She’s done so much deep work on herself that I know I’m being supported in the best way possible.

Now that I’ve started her 1:1 container, I can’t express how freeing it is. I’ve been able to make radical shifts in my mental and physical being.

If you’ve been looking for the sign- this is it. I encourage anyone seeking a deeper practice with themselves or the world around them, to begin working with Chelsea in any capacity.


My one-on-one breathwork session with Chelsea was just what I needed. This year has been emotionally tough and life was feeling pretty heavy when I went to her, but the space she held for me was exactly right.


The atmosphere, the music, the guidance - every part of it perfectly designed to help me dive inward, breathe, and let go. At the end I felt refreshed, like a weight had been lifted off me. 


I highly recommend Chelsea as a breathwork facilitator. Once you feel her energy and meet her in person, I’m certain you’ll understand why. She’s a beautiful, loving, and caring human, inside and out.


Woman Hiker
Girl Hiking in Mountains

I have known Chelsea for almost 9  years now and I have never seen her so in her element. I attended the July 23rd to 25th Full Moon Rustic Retreat and I will remember it forever. Chelsea moved through obstacles with ease on finding a campsite (since there was an unexpected road closure) and was prepared for hosting in non-stop rain (which was forecasted) and had the confidence and faith that the universe would provide. We had the most amazing group of people with the perfect campsite and had not a single drop of rain on Saturday or Sunday.


I full heartedly believe in Chelsea's powerful connection to spirit and ability to manifest. She was exceptional at fitting a multitude of breathwork activities, crafting, and readings into the weekend without rushing any part of the process and allowing everything to fall into place. Our full moon circle was a safe space to put in the work and open ourselves to change and growth.


Chelsea is amazing at holding space and opening people up to speak their truth. Her energy is so positive and soothing to be around. Not only is has she discovered her ability to help others, but she is also open to and seeking continuous growth for herself.  I can only imagine how much more amazing every forthcoming gathering will be! 


Chelsea's Rustic Retreat was truly one of the most heart opening, magical weekends I've ever had. I've paid $2000+ for weekend retreats that haven't even been half as impactful as the space Chelsea held.


She is the medicine mama that your soul needs to journey deep into yourself and experience the breakthroughs that will take you to the next level. She was there with me every step of the way and made everyone at the retreat feel free enough to be open, vulnerable and lead with their hearts.


I highly recommend experiencing Chelsea's gifts in this setting and getting out of your comfort zone. 


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