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1:1 Coaching Application

This 1:1 Coaching Container is a safe, sacred space to explore your inner landscape, to receive support in achieving your business, love, and mindset goals and to ultimately embody your highest truth and path.

I have a gift for asking questions that help illuminate your highest timeline. 
My soul is here to unveil your magic so you can create incredible impact and live a life that you are OBSESSED with. 

Whether you are a sacred space holder ready to call in your soul clients or you are ready to fall in love with your dream partner or you are ready to master your mindset to see how freaking sexy your life really is.... this 1:1 container gets you exactly what you need (and usually way more than you could ever imagine). 

You have someone to walk alongside you and hold your highest visions.
You have access to my ow
n lived experience and wisdom.
You are able to explore the nuances of humanity in a loving space. 
You expand into the greatest version of yourself.
You build courage and confidence in ALL your evolutions.

You leave the container (if you ever do, you may want to play with me for a long time) feeling deeply connected to your heart, turned on by ALL parts of your life and happily expressing your truth UNAPOLOGETICALLY. You become magnetic for all your soul's desires and situations, people and opportunities aligned with your soul purpose find you with EASE.

I utilize somatic practices, soul inquiry, divine magic, sacred ceremonies, Somatic Breath Activation and embodiment practices to invite you to grow deeper. I hold the vision and manifest your wildest dreams alongside of you so you truly leave LIVING your SOUL PURPOSE.

Each coaching container is a co-created experience. We create MAGIC together.

If you are interested in catapulting yourself into the most embodied you and aligned future, fill out the form below. 

Apply Here

Current 1:1 Coaching Investment is $7k / 3 months. $12k / 6 months. $22k/year.
Container includes: day/week voice support and one extra bonus day / month
for when you need to drop in on the fly, through your preferred voice channel, during business hours.
You also receive access to the breath & somatic membership space and any group programs* while in your container. 

*excluding the Certification Program or Masterminds

Rates rise as I rise. 

"Working with Chelsea in a 1:1 container was the beginning of a huge initiation in my life. The container was only 6 months long but by the end, so much had transformed in my world that it genuinely felt that we had been working together for much longer. I opted to do half coaching calls and half private breathwork sessions and it was such a beautiful system for me. I was newer to somatic healing during this time so to have her support in both ways was wonderful. Chelsea is one of the most powerful breathwork facilitators I've worked with. She always creates the utmost safety, which makes those deep dives into your soma feel like such a pleasure, even when processing through hard energy. I learned so much about myself and my own embodiment during our 1:1 container, creating personal practices and rituals I still use to this day.

Our 1:1 container changed everything for me."


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