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Terms & Conditions

We do not offer refunds or exchanges for any offerings featured here, on our social spaces or anything/anywhere owned by Heart Centered Humans. 

Monthly memberships are cancellable through you, or by reaching out to

You honor that this is a highly energetic space and commit to bringing love into the space and leaving anything that isn't beyond this space. You understand triggers, resistance, frustration, bitterness can come up when you are doing inner work and you will not project your frustrations inappropriately. 

You agree and understand that any offerings on this page never guarantee an outcome. There are possibilities, not guarantees- whatever wording is stated speaks to the highest possibilities. We can not guarantee money, relationship, spiritual, business and/or personal transformations.

You acknowledge and understand that this in not a medical or therapeutic service or offering, and any advice or feedback given through coaching/mentorship/programs/events/any offerings whether in-person or online are to be filtered through proper channels and are not diagnosis or medical advice. You agree to filter information that is fit for you and to always consult a doctor, therapist or whatever channel is appropriate when needed. 

If you have any issues with any offering, you are expected to bring it up to the team so it can be addressed. We will do our best to accommodate your desires. You never have to continue with any offerings, and they are still non-refundable/non-exchangeable due to any circumstance except cancellation by Heart Centered Humans. 

Any offerings can change their start time, date, length, length of calls and anything of this essence, when necessary or most aligned. They can be altered from live to be recorded when necessary. You agree and understand that just like we hope for you to do- we create our own reality and create our offerings with that essence. We do everything to show you and inspire you of what is possible when living heart-centered. We do this to be in best alignment with all of our services, events and offerings. Always read descriptions of offerings, the start time listed may not be when the offering begins. 

In a worst case scenario, all legal action must be taken in Denver, CO. Mediation is required to be exercised before any legal action is taken place. 

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