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Fog and Nature
Types of Gatherings

Mindful Meet-Ups

We discuss a variety of transformative topics; these meet-ups focus on expanding consciousness and raising 

the collective vibration. 

Cacao Ceremony

If you feel the pull to sit with cacao, honor it. Cacao is a sacred medicine revered for opening

up our heart space to receive. These gatherings reflect the magic of those who attend. 

Full Moon Gathering

A monthly sacred circle for women to access and witness the real and raw, to release energy that no longer serves

the highest self and to

plant seeds of intention. 


A multi-day journey of self-renewal made for those who yearn for a deeper connection with themselves, others heart-centered humans and nature. Explore our options.

The Love Exchange

An invitation to healers, light workers and heart-centered humans to bring their sacred gifts to give and receive. 

Written Love

An open call for writers, poets, artists and musicians to

share their talents in a safe,

loving and receptive space. 

Sand Dunes

Are you interested in collaborating on a gathering?

Do you desire to connect in other ways?

Reach out here and we can co-create your vision.

We do not offer refunds for gatherings.
We do allow humans to transfer a ticket to another soul if someone is unable to attend. 

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