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Image by Lukasz Szmigiel


 Owner of Heart Centered Humans

I lead humans home to who they are.

I guide you to feel your power. 

I crack you open to your inner wisdom. 

I use my intuitive gifts, my open channel and my expansive somatic and spiritual education to guide humans to tap into their heart center and access their divine inner wisdom. In this space, you will remember everything you need is within. I create supportive mentorship embodiment tools, heart-centered community spaces and expansive programs to empower your self-love & self-trust. 


In everything I do, I collaborate with the Earth and Source with reverence and love.

My offerings are indescribable and transformational, the humans called to work with me experience massive shifts aligning them to their highest purpose and path. They embrace the unknown and magic occurs.

Expand your life here. 

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