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  • Reduce stress and negativity

  • Increase mindfulness

  • Fall asleep faster and stay asleep

  • Increase feelings of gratitude & compassion

  • Improve relationships in your life

  • Tap into your inner guidance

  • Increase clarity, productivity & efficiency

Heart Centered Humans provides multiple ways to experience the benefits of meditation. Explore which avenue suits your healing journey best, and be sure to check out our healing packages.

If you are interested in a custom meditation experience for your family, friends or business, please express how we can fulfill your desires here.

Girl in Nature

This year has been emotionally tough and life was feeling pretty heavy when I went to her, but the space she held for me was exactly right. The atmosphere, the music, the guidance - every part of it perfectly designed to help me dive inward, breathe and let go. At the end I felt refreshed, like a weight had been lifted off me."

-Kimberly W

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