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Prepare to receive exactly what you need. From rejuvenation and relaxation to releasing and revelations, this session is carefully curated for each individual. 

We recommend first-timers begin with a 1:1 session so they are fully supported in their healing experience.

Schedule a somatic breathwork session that best serves your group's desires. This is a valuable element to add to bonding experiences, retreats, ceremonies, professional and personal workshops. In person or over zoom, we can serve anywhere from 2 to 1000 souls at a time. 

The space you held for me was so comfy & safe, I really felt like that allowed me to experience this without holding back or being reserved. Your voice was soothing but at the same time epically strong & inspiring. . . I truly believe this experience wouldn't have been as magical with someone else guiding me.

Enjoying Outdoor

Couples Breathwork is an opportunity for your significant other and you to heal your shadows to grow deeper as individuals and create a stronger bond and partnership.

Each session is curated specifically for each couple.

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