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What is Heart Centered Humans like?

The Heart Centered Humans' retreat was a transformative experience. When I was told about this trip, I just knew I was meant to be there and that I would receive the answers to a lot of questions that were holding me back. I did what I needed to do to make sure I made it and boy was I right!


Not only did I fall in love with the view, but I was able to experience the beautiful and radiant light that is Chelsea. Chelsea has such an amazing way of always helping you feel safe, heard, understood but also challenged.. regardless of whether it’s in a group setting or a one on one conversation. She truly embodies all that she is and is truly unapologetic about it in the most amazing way possible.


If you’re reading this, it might just be because you’re curious and desiring to be part of one of her retreats. I say dive deep and if anything resonates, just jump into it. I promise you won’t be the least bit disappointed!


I first started utilizing meditation and breathwork with Chelsea, which was honestly something I always struggled with. I’m now able to sit through her entire Breathwork and Meditation class completely attentive to my awareness. This is huge for me.


I’ve had many many amazing breakthroughs in my meditations with the guidance Chelsea provides. The breathwork was difficult for me to get comfortable with due to my body getting tingly and reacting deeply to the healing but now that I’m able to move through it in a loving capacity, I’ve realized how deeply useful the breathwork portion is. I’ve been able to release such powerful shadows in short periods of time.

I started going to her Full Moon gatherings and Cacao Ceremonies and have felt extremely supported through all transitions. The Women’s circles are deeply loving and profound, giving me a community to feel supported by.

Everything Chelsea does, she leads with her heart and comes from a space of Love. She’s done so much deep work on herself that I know I’m being supported in the best way possible.

Now that I’ve started her 1:1 container, I can’t express how freeing it is. I’ve been able to make radical shifts in my mental and physical being.

If you’ve been looking for the sign- this is it. I encourage anyone seeking a deeper practice with themselves or the world around them, to begin working with Chelsea in any capacity.


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Sand Dunes
Image by Lukasz Szmigiel


Owner of Heart Centered Humans

I have always had a special gift for sensing others emotions, helping others work through problems, bringing humans together and inspiring them to see their light. I spent years confused on my own purpose, exploring everything that interested me to find it wasn't meant for me. Through all of my stages, I guided souls in finding the balance they desired, unaware until a few years ago that this was what I had been searching for all along. Now I see with real eyes, knowing these were the steps were necessary to discover my own destiny to empower and hold space for humans on their healing journey. 

Now I use my intuitive gifts, my open channel to collaborate with the land and Source and my knowledge as a Chopra-certified meditation instructor, an advanced breathwork facilitator, a Reiki Master and more to help humans tap into their heart center and access their divine inner wisdom. With this wisdom they are able to receive the answers they have previously found elsewhere. Everything you need is within.

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